Welcome to Total Guitar


Well, a recent "storage problem" over at site5 has meant that I am starting this site from scratch again!

This site will host information about guitars: playing them, learning how to play them and anything else that is guitar related.

Brief History

I started playing the guitar in my teens when I was still at school. I had no real structure or strategy. I just started with a few beginners' books and when I was able to read tabs I started learning songs. The problem was I was a bit inconsistent with my playing. I'd play for a few months (erratically) then put my guitar down for another few months - sometimes years - and when I picked it up again, I'd have to relearn all those same songs again. There was no real progression.

As the years passed, I still had an interest in the guitar. Every now and then I thought "hmmm, it would be great to buy an electric guitar", but then I'd reason that it was pointless because I don't play much, if at all. Then I had a bright idea. Play more!

In fact, what I did do was buy an Epiphone Les Paul in December 2012 an made a promise to myself to practise regularly and be worthy of my new instrument.

I have to say that progress has been good as I've actually been getting in at least an hour a day most days. The days when I don't touch my guitar at all are very few and far between. When they occur I get the twitches. I've even been thinking about taking my guitar to work so I can play in my lunch hour.