Guess The Chord

If you want to play along to music you hear and/or determine the key a song is in, you are going to have to develop your ear. This means improving your ability to identify the chords you are hearing. Unless you are one of those rare gifted individuals, you will find this difficult when you begin. As with everything worth achieving, you must stick with it and persevere.

The method for learning how to identify the chords you hear couldn’t be simpler: Continue reading “Guess The Chord”

How To Play Guitar And Sing At Same Time

How To Sing And Play Guitar Simultaneously

Playing the guitar while singing along to what you’re playing is very hard – until you get the knack. But once you get the knack, you’ll be able to sing and play a whole host of different songs. It’s just practice you need.

I’ve been playing the guitar on and off for many years. In the past I’d always avoided singing along to what I was playing, mainly because I couldn’t sing but also because I couldn’t do anything else while I was playing my guitar. I had to focus exclusively on what I was playing on the guitar, so I couldn’t even talk to someone else at the same time, let alone keep time by tapping my foot. Continue reading “How To Play Guitar And Sing At Same Time”