Cruise t-shirts for couples – all you need to know

So you and your partner decided to go on a cruise. There’s a lot to decide – where are you going to go, for how long, and what is your budget? Besides these important questions, there’s also a question of what to pack. A custom t-shirt might be what you need to stand out and have fun while there. A funny or creative design could be a conversation starter and help you make new friends.

Let’s get to the point.

How to choose cruise t-shirts as a couple?

This probably isn’t your first time choosing a t-shirt, so you know the general process – make sure you find the right fit, and choose colors that go well with the rest of your outfit.

There’s also some factors you need to consider because you will be on a cruise. Depending on where you’re going, the weather can get quite hot, so make sure you choose a t-shirt that is breathable. This is a factor of quality materials, as well as overall thickness of the t-shirt. You want something that’s lightweight, but doesn’t feel flimsy to the touch. It’s a fine line, but some sellers manage to tread it well.

Next, you need a material that is durable and looks good. Its not easy to find t-shirt material that is both, but I found viscose to be great. A lot of my friends had good experiences with t-shirts that are 100 or 90 percent cotton. Ultimately, its best to feel the material, and try it on so you can decide whether you can tolerate wearing it all day. Trying on the t-shirt also helps with finding the right size for you.

Finally, we get to the interesting part. Design is a factor that can make or break a t-shirt for me. Me and my partner found that wearing a t-shirt with cool text and image helped us make friends and generally have a great time on board.

Where to buy cruise t-shirts

This is quite a niche topic, so there are not a lot of places to buy great t-shirts for couples on a cruise. In my opinion, Amazon has a lot of good designs. You just need to look through pages, and carefully check size guides to find something for your body.

Alternatively, you can find interesting t-shirts and designs on Etsy. Sometimes artists create compelling designs and sell them as a package. Usually these designs are formatted as svg or png, so you can print them on a t-shirt yourself.

Once you have designs, you can use various t-shirt printing services to create a tee yourself. This approach gives you all the flexibility to customize the size and position of the graphics on your t-shirt.

You can also talk with your local print services. Maybe they are able to print on a t-shirt. This way is the cheapest, because you can print multiple t-shirts and pick them up at local shop. You can also choose a t-shirt material that feels comfortable and fits you.

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