Going on a family cruise

Parents on family vacations rarely get to relax. There’s always something to arrange, whether it is accommodation or transport from one location to another. Except for family cruise vacations. With diverse facilities and activities to keep children busy, these offer parents rare opportunity to sit back and do nothing. Not to mention the fact that cruises are transport and destination rolled into one. In summary, cruises combine everything you love about relaxing vacations.

Everything is taken care of as soon as you step on a cruise. Food is plentiful, and you can choose from various dining situations to find something that’s perfect for your needs. Activities are already planned and happening, your kids just have to choose one. All of the activities are specifically designed for maximum fun and engagement, so a lot of the time, parents can sit back and enjoy vacation as a couple. All the while, you get to travel and explore new places. Many cruises will take you to destinations that are great for a family. In our case, cruise took us to various port cities in Italy, and we thoroughly enjoyed everything – from Pisa to Rome. All in all, it isn’t a surprise that cruises are a huge hit with families.

What you need to know about cruising as a family

Cruises in general are good choice for families. However, some operators are more aligned with families’ needs than others. So you need to pick an operation that provides facilities and activities suited for a family. Our kids loved Camp Ocean, a cruise ship that is packed with water activities for kids of all ages. Our kids were aged 4 to 10, but even teenagers seemed to be having fun there.

Choose your room wisely

At first, we thought that any room would do. After all, you only need to go back to your room after enjoying everything onboard. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I found that your choice of rooms can make or break your cruising experience.

Good cruise ships offer options with varying space and facilities. Cheapest rooms are not usually the best. Most ships have balcony rooms, which are larger and more practical if you have kids. Having a balcony also allows you to enjoy some fresh air without leaving your room. Personally for me, its important to not feel claustrophobic in a room. Without a balcony, I’d have to go a long way to access fresh air.

Also when choosing a room, you need to consider its placement on the ship. If you are afraid of getting seasick, choose rooms located in the middle of the ship, as they tend to feel ‘rocking’ effects the least. If you think you or your kids will have trouble with seasickness, consider booking a cruise that frequently stops at ports and doesn’t leave for few days. This could give you a nice break from being on the sea all the time.

Finally, you need to pack clothes. Swimsuits are a must. Its also a good idea to pack casual clothes as well as more official ones. And finally, it doesn’t hurt to have cruise t-shirts for family to celebrate your time there.


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