Spending honeymoon on a cruise ship – do’s and don’ts

When you get married, it’s a tradition to go somewhere special with your special person. Some people prefer mountains, others prefer vibrant cities with character, others prefer historical cities like Rome… In todays article, we will discuss a destination that may seem somewhat unusual for honeymooners. We will talk about spending your first holiday as a couple on a cruise.

Is it a good idea?

As much as I love cruises, I have to admit they are not for everyone. They are like small resort ecosystems. Good cruise ships have everything you could possibly need, but some people may be uncomfortable spending several days at sea on one ship. But maybe you’ve gone on a cruise before as a couple, and know that you will like it. In that case, cruise can be an ideal destination for you and your significant other.

How to prepare for a cruise?

Your packing list for a cruise will depend on several factors – from cruise destination to duration. For example, if your cruise is going to stop at several ports in Europe, then it’s a good idea to bring passports, so you can get off the boat and explore local places. In 2020 our cruise ship stopped for a day at Ostia, which is really close to Rome. I had an amazing time there, even if it only for a day.

Next, you need to arrange your finances. If you’re going to be using credit cards, make sure you communicate with your bank that you will be spending money in specific currency, and buy that currency, so you don’t have to spend exorbitant fees. Or you can spend cash money. In that case, you also need to plan ahead of time and order sufficient amount of foreign currency from your bank. I don’t recommend exchanging money at the destination.

Finally, let’s talk about items you need to pack to make sure you have good experience.

How to make a packing list

When going on a cruise, you need to unpack only once – as your hotel is also your transport. Also there are lots of cleaning facilities on board, so you can stick to your essentials and not worry about laundry.

Most cruise ships have lots of water features, like pools and hot tubs. You will need a swimsuit to enjoy all these. Maybe you can pack two pairs to have options.

As for your clothes, it depends on type of cruise and activities you plan to engage in. Some cruises have more casual dress codes and activities to go with it. Other cruises may have casual, but also more serious events, so you will need a suit or appropriate dress.

In any case, its probably a good idea to take clothes you are comfortable in, and at least few business casual pieces of clothing.

You can also get cruise t shirts for couples to add a bit of flare to your adventure. These will certainly catch others’ attention, and portray that you are available to make friends and have maximum fun.

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